How to hide sponsored items on Amazon?


Amazon in a small drop-down lets you decide, how you want to sort your items.

By default it's set to sort by "Featured". You can also change this option to pick one of the following

  1. Featured
  2. Price: Low to High
  3. Price: High to Low
  4. Avg. Customer Review

But the most annoying part is that Amazon will inject at least 16 items on top/bottom or sometimes in the middle that are "sponsored" items and that pretty much defied the purpose of sorting because "sponsored" items are sorted in an order depending on how much that brand wants to PPC.

So getting back to "How to hide sponsored items on Amazon?"

This trick is for chrome users who know how to open the web inspector in chrome, if you are not a chrome user or have never heard of web inspector this may not help

For those who know how to open web inspector in Chrome, this is a very simple and a neat trick

1. Open the Console panel in web inspector

Press Command+Option+J (Mac) or Control+Shift+J (Windows, Linux, Chrome OS) to jump straight into the Console panel.

2. Paste the following script and hit enter

var i,y=document.getElementsByClassName("AdHolder");for(i=0;i<y.length;i++)y[i].style.display="none";