how to migrate notes from onenote to evernote?


EverNote is so pushy about paid plans, with their limitations on devices and what note that kind of pushed people away to other options in the market - Notion being the recent cool app and OneNote being the "been there forever" app.

With Notion, one of the problems is that doesn't have a sidebar view that most people are used to in EverNote, so for a similar experience as EverNote, people end up with OneNote, and guess what? There is even an importer that makes the process easy to migrate the notes from EverNote to OneNote. 

While the UI is very similar, the OneNote app is cloggy, the web version is worse, it doesn't offer sorting and hogs the browser, and if you are mac user, in a couple of days, you'd think, "I should've rather paid for EverNote".

Let's say you pay for EverNote and wanna start Evernoting again; you'd assume OneNote has some export functionality... hmmm, no, you'd think you can find an exporter just like you found an importer.. hmm no.. You'd think, how is this possible? Someone must have asked EverNote about it, or they'd have thought about it, and wouldn't it make sense for them a build such a tool to easily bring in the OneNoters... Apparently not cuz that would make sense and be logical.

So what can help? Is there anything that can help? CloudHQ to the rescue, the only firm that has taken the pain to build a sync/push between the two. Does it work? We are waiting to find out. it does take a while if you are on a free plan cuz they throttle your sync if you are on a free plan, but they have some other sync and backup utils that may be worth the upgrade but definitely give it a shot 

So, where should you start?

This article would be a good starting point to get you set up

Cloud HQ Free Migrator

Let us know how it goes!