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I love good health insurance

Michael S Strong

I love good health insurance and what it does for you,  maintaining your health and treating illness and accidents and last but not least  peace of mind.  Thus peaceful and sound in body and mind.
When your safety is threatened there are many effects on your body and mind.  You might not be running from a pack of wolves but your body does not know that.  But your cave allows you to relax (as does insurance) for subconsciously we all know we are just a slip or a sneeze away from needing  care.  So when you are healthiest it might be said that you are also protected in every sense of the word.

World Health Organization (WHO) defines health as “Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.”  I think "protection" is part of the mental and social well-being.   Walking down the red carpet of your life full of health is the greatest show you will ever put on.  Others will turn and notice.

Yes, great health can be seen from a distance and can be smelled up close.  It is both desirable and beautiful, it is happier and more productive thus enjoys a longer life and more enjoyed time with family and friends.

"Even the healthy get sick and often get hurt." ER doctor MS.
No one said that life would be without challenges  however there are ways of  preparing for what is an eventuality.  As in nature the bear prepares for a cold winter we should be prepared for the safety of our hospital cave.  Protected long enough, thus prepared we have the time to give nature so that our bodies and minds recover and once again we can hunt for ourselves.

You life can change in a second....
Healing the body and soul can be assisted by the "NOW you" preparing for the "eventual you" who needs that help.  In many cases it also will prepare you for retirement but ... That is another article.