Meteor 1.11 is here!


Packed with 22 updates, Meteor 1.11 includes major improvements in key areas. For full release notes visit the blog, as well as Meteor docs

Lets dive into some highlights: 

Performance Improvements:

Meteor had multiple PRs improving the performance of their build in different areas, including:

  • node_module watchers;
  • realpath usage;
  • enabled build in place on Windows;
  • reduced watchers and stats what saves CPU.

Cache your builds:

They've introduced a new option in their deploy command: --cache-build . Using it in your deploy command Meteor will re-use your bundle if your git repository is in the same commit as the last time you deployed. 

TL;DR: use --cache-build when deploying to Galaxy.


Apollo Skeleton + Vue Skeleton:

Want to start a new project with Meteor using Apollo in the data layer? Just run: meteor create myproject --apollo and you're good to go! 

They also now have a simple one line command to create a new project using Meteor and Vue: meteor create myproject --vue