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Thailand confirms 3 more COVID-19 fatalities, a curfew may be coming


On Tuesday, March 24th Thailand's Ministry of Public Health confirmed 106 more confirmed cases bringing the total to 827 and 3 confirmed deaths bringing the total to 4.

In Tuesday's cabinet meeting it was discussed that it may be necessary to declare a state of emergency and a curfew will be imposed to contain the situation.

Thailand once a safe haven for many tourists is under a lot of pressure to give up it's culture of welcoming everyone with open arms and impose strict measures to stop the outbreak.

While in many countries like India millions of people have been placed under lockdown till the end of the month, one cannot really tell how long the lockdown/curfew will last.

While several members of the cabinet are suggesting the curfew begins tonight, it would make a lot of sense to give some time to the residents to prepare.

There are so many tourists stuck in Thailand, having never faced this situation some don't even know where to start to prepare.

Are local stores like Tops, Big C, Family Mart and Seven Eleven be open?

Can one still order food via Grab?

Thailand is well known for imposing the Martial Law when there is a need.

Watch out for a lot of changes coming in next 7 days in Thailand and stay safe