VIE Full Stack Developer @ Schlumberger - Sugar Land, TX

VIE Full Stack Developer

SchlumbergerSugar Land, TX
30+ days ago
SLB is the leading technology provider for the oil and gas industry—including Digital and Software technologies. It is now developing new Products and Services to become a key players in New Energies, and to leverage its Digital know how beyond the Energy sector.
The Interpretation Engineering Team in Sugarland, Texas near Houston, is a mix of about 36+ Physicists, Applied Math Experts and Software Engineers working together to develop methods, algorithms, visualization methods and ultimately software applications that extract useful and actionable information from data.
One of most important software is GRM (Geosteering and Reservoir Mapping) which allows to interpret on the fly advanced logging data acquired in Real Time while drilling, adjust the well trajectory accordingly, and image the rock formation structures hundreds of feet around the wellbore, allowing to optimize well placement and production.
The objective of the role is to contribute to the development, validation and industrialization of the next generation of GRM, contributing to the software product design, implementation, validation and delivery. This includes back-end and front-end development, with unique challenges related to very demanding computations that must be completed without delay, and UX tailored to both expert level Well Placement Engineers, and generalist.
The Technology Stack is mixed – as most algorithms are written in C/C++, C# or Python, while the ecosystem is micro-service-based and designed to work on the Cloud, or the Edge or in between. That requires developing an in-depth expertise in some technology, while staying abreast of technological evolution.
VIE duration: 12 or 18 months
The ideal candidate should have strong technical background, be able to work independently, be curious and enjoy working with people experts in different domains, sharing knowledge with them.
A Master level education in Computer Science (or equivalent) is preferred, but Bachelor will be considered. Full-Stack and Microservice architecture knowledge a must. Math background a plus.
Some practical experience in Software development is also required – be it school project, internship or actual work.
Good level English is also a must – both written and spoken.