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Magnopus is a content-focused technology company founded by a diverse team of Oscar-winning artists, interactive designers, and engineers from games, films, and unusual places. We’re passionate about creating rich experiences across the physical and digital worlds in ways people haven’t seen yet.

We’ve been working with partners on a large-scale project that will be a “world’s first” and we’re building up the team to execute this ambitious vision on a global stage. If (no, when) we’re successful, it will serve as a model for the future and a heck of an experience in the present. Many of the things we’re doing have been done before in small, isolated ways. Now we’ve got a rare opportunity to bring them all together at scale to show the rest of the world what all this new tech is good for, while delivering fun experiences and engaging narratives that make a positive impact. But we need your help to make it truly amazing.

Job Description

Are you the person in your friends group who has all the stories? Whether it’s “that time you caravanned across the Sahara with the Tuareg to Marrakesh after losing your wallet to a sand cat in Timbuktu” or “ that time you defended your castle from bumbling burglars preying on empty holiday houses,” you know how to capture an audience’s attention.

Well, we’d like to help you expand your audience.

We’re building something that’s going to capture the attention of the world and our audience of millions are already buying their tickets. In order to make this forthcoming spectacular live up to its name, we need storytellers. People who are capable of understanding how a narrative evolves in time and, especially in this particular case, in space.

As such, we are seeking a Narrative Designer to join our Los Angeles-based team. We need someone who cares about audiences, realizes that they come from a broad variety of backgrounds, and is excited about infecting their minds with our linguistic and experiential virii. We’re on the hunt for those with a passion for interactive storytelling, worldbuilding, and the ways in which game experiences and story can work in glorious harmony. With any luck, fate is working its magic, and it is indeed you we’re looking for.

FWIW, we also work in the cutting-edge, real-time, high-test, complex carbohydrate-filled world of VR/AR/MR/XR/RR, but please don’t let the fact that you once told one of your coworkers that “VR is a fad” keep you from applying. We are more than a collection of buzzwords and abbreviations. Not much more, but we try.



  • Translate the vision of the creative director into in-game story, emergent narrative, and playable events

  • Develop fresh and innovative stories, settings, and characters

  • Design and maintain multiple story arcs that keep the player engaged and wanting more, while also thinking about how to reward even casual encounters with the plucking of heartstrings

  • Collaborate with game designers to design new and better interactions that yield engaging interactions tying back to the narrative experience


  • 3+ years of working as a narrative designer, quest writer, or world-builder in a development studio, immersive theater company, or fiercely independent poetry journal, large or small

  • Experience working as a creative team to tell a cohesive narrative (writer’s room experience or the like) and revising quickly based on feedback or notes

  • Excellent writing skills with prose and screenplay/dialogue formats

  • Passion for making the details meaningful and deep, but not losing the unwashed masses in order to flaunt your esoterica.

  • Ability to communicate with producers, developers, QA, and management humans

Bonus Points

  • MMO or open-world game experience

  • 2+ years working in Unity or Unreal

  • Interest in immersive theater and/or escape rooms

  • Past experience working with VR/AR content and understanding what makes these mysterious worlds so enticing

  • Experience with mobile game design, real-world game design, or interactive fiction

  • Experience with languages such as JS, Lua, or C#

  • Honest and heartfelt desire to make the world a genuinely better place

Magnopus employees enjoy benefits such as an open vacation policy, medical benefits including dental and vision, great co-workers, and access to next-generation technology so they can focus on making exciting things.

Though we’ve delivered a lot of crazy stuff, here are a few you can check out at home:

  • Mission:ISS

  • Disney Pixar Coco VR

  • Blade Runner 2049: Memory Lab

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