Full-Stack PHP / MySQL Developer as Apprentice to CTO

QuickTours.net - Long Beach, CA

Posted a month ago

We are two successful entrepreneurs who have developed proprietary cutting-edge real estate software in need of the perfect developer to help us expand.

We’re landing meetings with the largest brokerages in America and are ready to GROW BIG.

The two of us have run the company for three-years and are now in five-digit monthly revenue. Now we need a developer who can keep up with our pace and provide value without slowing us down.

We are looking to hire one full-stack PHP/MySQL developer to join our team who:

is ambitious, resourceful, and a quick learner

of a MASSIVELY Agile mindset. We are a go-go-go software company and we live by Agile goal-setting.

Soft Skills Desired

  • names every variable, column, table exactly for its use and who takes charge without micromanagement
  • owns leadership skills with a potential to lead a team of developers one day
  • never needs a pat on the back and is comfortable with candor and constructive criticism on a steady basis to improve
  • has a perfect coding etiquette - camel case, indented code, comments, etc.
  • is a touch-it-once problem solver. You see a problem, you make a self-regulating system for it, and you never have that problem again
  • loves automation and preemptive handwork to minimize the amount of repetitive work that our clients anticipate
  • has a MANIACAL attention to detail. Every. Last. Detail.

Absolute Necessities

  • Strong PHP skill - You need to know how memory is handled in PHP long-running scripts and how to manipulate MySQL data in arrays.
  • Strong MySQL skill - You need to know how to build tables with multiple foreign keys, perform complex 50+ line stored procedures, automate triggers, and more.
  • Strong Front-end skill (HTML / CSS / Jquery) - You need to know how to take a PSD design and develop it out, or take existing code and modify it to add new sections - you will also need to learn the notation of class naming and indented CSS methods from the CTO for uniformity.

^ Engineers without the above three skills at a near-mastery level need not apply.


You will be working directly with the CTO. He is very experienced and needs someone working at his pace. He is an MIT award-winning developer, who has built our platform himself on fully-custom PHP / MySQL / Linux stack. He will teach you how to program on the platform, which is all built-to-suit from scratch (no frameworks, no APIs). All filenames and variables organized perfectly, no spaghetti legacy code, but with a strong PHP skillset; the right candidate will pick it up in no time.

Please Send Us

  • A quick summary of who you are
  • Working and visually pleasing examples of web projects
  • Resume / GitHub (optional, but preferred)

How it Works

If you seem like you are the bees knees, you’ll meet with one of the owners for coffee. After the meeting we will send you a simple PHP / MYSQL test. If it goes well, join us at our WeWork for a one-week paid contract. We will train you on the platform and then ask you to get your hands dirty and help us grow.


We plan on breaking $1m/year this next year with fewer than 10 employees. With such a compact team, we all must pull our own weight.

This is not going to be an easy role to fill and we will be asking a lot of you. If you thrive under pressure and in a fast-paced environment, we would love to have you.

There is big potential for full-time job offer immediately for the right hire. Promotions available as we scale, and the possibility for vesting shares in the company over time.



Job Type: Full-time


  • PHP: 2 years (Required)
  • MYSQL: 2 years (Required)


  • Long Beach, CA (Required)

Additional Compensation:

  • Bonuses

Work Location:

  • One location
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