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ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES include the following. Other duties may be assigned as necessary.
  • Check all the wood for defects according to the quality control specifications before placing it in boxes.
  • Watch for voids and delam.
  • Ensure that the proper square footage, to within 1% relative, is placed in all boxes by boxing the correct combinations of full lengths, extra longs, shorts and randoms.
  • Keep other boxers, the Leadperson, and the Supervisor informed of quality defects present in the material.
  • Ensure that the proper instruction sheets are placed in each box.
  • During downtime, help clean the area, make boxes or follow assignments of the Supervisor or Leadperson.
  • Ensure that each piece of flooring is properly placed on a dog.
  • Ensure that every piece of flooring is pulled to align the defect mark with the laser light to ensure maximum yields.
  • Help un-jam machine when necessary with proper tool.
  • Keep the designated Hasko area clean and hazard free at all times while working the Puller position.
  • Help with machine cleanup.
  • Watch for correct stain application.
  • Be aware of nearby saws and pinch points.
  • Follow all general safety rules.
  • Follow all Lock-Out-Tag-Out (LOTO) procedures.
  • Follow all safety procedures and guidelines.
  • Any other duties as assigned by the supervisor.
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